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The best obscure DS games you either forgot to pick up or have never even heard of.
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Custom Robo Arena OST

Oh, woops! I got so caught up with looking for some fan art for tomorrow that I forgot all about the OST!

Here’s Midheart, the town theme from Custom Robo Arena.

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Norihiko Hibino,
Boktai Sound Rare Tracks - East and West of the Moon

Lunar Knights OST- Dawn of the Sun (Intro)

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Monster Racers OST

Monster Racers- Legendary Racers (Final Race Theme)

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Due to a lack of internet, the OST has been pushed to today. I apologize if you were looking forward to it.

The (playable in game!) theme from Taiko DS 3- どろろんガール (Dororon Girl)

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Norihiro Furukawa,
Lost Magic OST

OST Wednesday!

Dazzling Journey (Goldsand Dunes) from Lost Magic.

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Norikaku Miura, Yoshino Aoki, Masaharu Iwata, and Kaori Komuro,
Suikoden Tierkreis OST

OST Wednesday!

Suikoden Tierkreis- Archivist Battle Theme