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The best obscure DS games you either forgot to pick up or have never even heard of.
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Asker seinii Asks:
Do you know of any games that are similar to 999?
topunknowndsgames topunknowndsgames Said:

On the DS specifically, check out the Ace Attorney series or Ghost Trick. 
They’re not as bloody or (in my opinion) fantastic as 999, but they’re visual novel-style with puzzles.

PSP/Vita has Dangan Ronpa which comes fairly close, but has a more overt anime feel to it.

You could also check out Ever17 on PC. Written by the same guy as 999, it’s a really fun and mindblowing visual novel that explores some interesting concepts.

And of course, there’s always 999’s sequel, VLR on 3DS and Vita. :)

Hey guys! I’ve been getting some nice message lately and I wanted to say thanks for that. I haven’t updated in a year but it’s still nice to see people enjoying my work. :)

My gaming backlog is big right now, but I might find time to play some old unknown DS games soon so there might be a couple updates in the near future.

Thanks for sticking with me! 

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Have you played, or at least heard of, Monster Tale, Ivy the Kiwi?, Master of the Monster Lair, Luminous Arc, Nostalgia, Summon Knight: Twin Age, Feel the Magic: XX/XY, Contact, Hotel Dusk, Time Hollow, and/or Trace Memory? I think a lot of those are lesser known. Keep up the kickass blog!
topunknowndsgames topunknowndsgames Said:

Ivy the Kiwi? is the only one I haven’t started playing yet, the others I’m working on sporadically. :)

And thank you!

Genre: RPG

Developer: Global A Entertainment

Publisher: Atlus


Released: February 3, 2009


Like many Atlus games, My World My Way is a little gem that most likely wouldn’t have seen the light of Western shores were it not for them. Luckily for those who have played it, though, it did come across the shores to grace us with a fairly unique RPG with a story and dialogue that is genuinely funny.

My World My Way begins with Princess Elise who has been spoiled rotten her entire life. The one thing she does not have is a man. In order to fix this, her father throws a ball inviting every handsome prince in the land to court her. Fairly quickly, Elise finds her one true love who happens to have a level 99 in Handsomeness. This prince won’t marry her so quickly, though, and tells her he is an adventurer, and for her to get with him she’ll have to prove her worth in combat as well. Elise, ever the proud lass, takes it upon herself to rid the world of some unnecessary evils to get her man. Along the way she is trailed from a distance by Nero, who makes sure she can handle the tasks she must face.

The battle system in My World My Way is pretty standard. It’s in first person view, similar to the older Dragon Quest games, with 3D monster sprites. As you work your way through pre-designed dungeons searching for a boss to defeat, they spring out of nooks in the wall that are visible on the map and predetermined areas, making it possible to avoid the encounters if you don’t want to deal with them. Eventually, you find a Slime companion who can take on the attributes and stats of opponents you battle, including what equipment it can handle, creating extra incentive to battle and find stronger monster for it to absorb.

Battling some bugs early in the game.

What sets My World My Way apart from other RPGs, as well as giving it it’s title, is the ability Elise has to literally change the world around her. By pouting and whining, this girl gets what she wants. By spending pout points, the number of which can be increased with certain foods prepared before resting (along with other stats!), Elise can do things like strengthen or weaken the monsters in the area, make them drop more money or give more experience, or even change the terrain she is on from a wooded area to a sandy shore, changing the monster selection along with it. In battles, you can choose to spend some Pout Points to ensure a first attack, or escape from battle instantly. With this system it is possible to make the game as easy or as difficult as you wish, and is even necessary if you need a certain item drop from a monster that can only be found in a specific terrain type.

Elise finds an item after battle. On the top screen you can see the overworld map in this area. Each of those circles, excluding the ones with the town, gate, and dungeon, can be changed to different terrain types.

Elise travels from area to area, defeating a boss at the gate after completing a dungeon. Another quirk is your ability to choose the enemy you face. Nero, watching from afar, presents you with the option of giving Elise a difficult battle or an easy one, adding another variable to the mixture of the game. 


Enemies and characters on screen are pretty nicely detailed in 3D, though some enemies may look a bit chunky, and in conversations the speaking characters are shown in large, detailed 2D sprites. The menus and symbols look nice and flow well.


While forgettable, most tracks definitely serve their purpose, with calming tracks in town, jaunty tunes played on the world map, and a fast-paced percussion driven BGM during battle. Nothing memorable, or too grating, really.

My World My Way is a really great game that may have turned off potential buyers with its admittedly cutesy cover and promising adventures with a princess. However, it has a solid game system, legitimately hilarious dialogue, and a very interesting gimmick. The story can be a bit lackluster, and the ending is slightly disappointing, but when the journey is this fun who cares what happens at the end?

To the Anon asking about games similar to Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded

  • Phantasy Star 0
  • Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles (I’ve heard Ring of Fates has a better story and characters, but Echoes of Time is smoother and has better playability.)
  • Solatorobo

And Lunar Knights has that hack-and-slash type gameplay if you don’t mind it being in 2D.

Genre: Fighting

Developer: Dimps

Publisher: Atlus

ESRB: E10+

Released: December 4, 2007


Draglade slipped under the radar of many, including myself until recently, simply because there were more urgent games to buy at that time. This is a travesty, since Draglade is the best sidescrolling beat-‘em-up/pseudo music game to grace the system. In all honesty though, it’s a really great game.

Draglade takes place in a futuristic setting in which people called “Grappers” battle using “G-Cons” a device which absorbs the world’s energy source and condenses it into a weaponlike form. Yes, there is a large amount of jargon in this game, but if you don’t want to engage yourself in the game world it’s playable without learning all the definitions. None of it matters anyway because you’re not here for the story, you’re here to kick ass.

The game starts with you picking one of four heroes and even selecting their predominant color scheme. Each one specializes in a different kind of weapon; sword, spear, claws, or hammer, and also has his own individual story to play through. Each one generally focuses on rising to the top of the Grapping world to achieve some goal, though. The replay value is high, which is much appreciated since each story takes about 3-5 hours to play through.

A battle between Guy, the claw user, and Hibito, the sword user.

The game is divided into three sections.

  1. Walking through towns to chat with daft townspeople who all get really excited about grapping, finding stores to buy bullets at, and finding the tournament center. 
  2. Tournaments and duels in which you fight in a limited area against sometimes strong opponents.
  3. Travelling from town to town, in a sidescrolling beat-‘em-up not unlike a platformer but without the platform jumping.

This freshens things up so you aren’t doing one thing at all times.

Within a battle, you have a number of tools at your disposal with which to attack your enemy. You can use your weapon and deal out light-but-fast attacks or heavy-but-slow ones or use bullets. Bullets are basically like your magic in this game and range from streaks of lightning along the ground, to creating status effects, to dropping pans on the opponent’s head. Each bullet use costs some energy, so spamming is generally not the only option.

Now, to the system that drew many people to the game; the musical attacks. At the press of a button, you begin the musical attack, which utilizes a short song, created by you, to deal damage to the beat. By pressing Y as each new note sounds, you deal damage and ultimately finish in a combo. It’s a neat system and adds further customization, but in all honesty I never needed it in battle and found it sort of gimmicky. Still fun, though!

Testing out the musical attack creator.


Draglade’s graphics are a mixed bag. The icons on the bullet skills are nice, the attacks look great, and the character sprites are all very large, detailed, and full of  relatively smooth movements. The backgrounds, however, are subpar and when every building in a town looks the same it can be a little bland.


With a full sound editor there are endless possibilities for music in the game. The general BGM is just standard fighting game fare rife with riffs on the electric guitar with nothing spectacular to note.

Draglade is a really fun fighting game on the DS, and should definitely be looked into if for some reason you’re avoiding the fantastic Bleach endeavors. The music feature is a little lackluster, but it’s there for those who want it. With four main characters and plenty to unlock through the story it will keep you busy for a good while.

From Custom Robo Arena, fanart of the rambunctious sidekick Liv and store attendant Tanya.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Have you heard of Big Bang Mini? Or Dungeon Explorer Warrior of Ancient Arts? Or Magical Starsign? Or Theresia? TELL ME YOU HAVE HEARD OF THERESIA.
topunknowndsgames topunknowndsgames Said:

All of the above! I’ve been playing bits of Magical Starsign and Theresia lately.

Theresia was actually suggested a while ago, but with the hiatus I went on for a while it got pushed back. 

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Custom Robo Arena OST

Oh, woops! I got so caught up with looking for some fan art for tomorrow that I forgot all about the OST!

Here’s Midheart, the town theme from Custom Robo Arena.